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February 2, 2010

I wanted to experiment with the three elements you can change with the “color replace” tool- more to get a sense of the role hue, saturation, and lightness play than to work with the tool specifically.

I started with a generic image of blue hills and pixelated (crystallized)  it at a large size so as to limit the number of blue shades that would show:

I first chose a lighter blue from the top of the second image to replace with a green hue. The green change comes up strongly in all but the sections that were originally the darkest blues; the lighter blue’s pixel  has less effect on the darker shades with less of that light pixel.

I repeated the same procedure twice more, starting with the original blue and instead using medium and dark  blues to replace with the same green hue.

The medium replacement allows for the most green replacement because it is those medium blue shades that permeate both the lights and darks of the spectrum. I continued with a higher pixelation and experiments with desaturation and lightness in addition to hue.

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