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I left my pants in outer space

February 10, 2010

Our story…Context: The Future!!!   Problem: Inappropriate Gear!!!   Form: CHAOS!!!

The Jetsons and other future-minded people like to assume we will all be wearing high tech gear and scooting around in shiny mobiles. I think not. By then we’ll have mastered the  science or evolved to breathe from an internal oxygen source. We also won’t need clothes because a) similar scientific advances make us self-heating and b) more importantly, society just doesn’t give a damn about clothes anymore- what’s important is our consciousness, just floating around in space.  The guy from Jackass is getting sucked into a time warp-black hole, while Mr. Jetson just can’t handle the shock of all these naked people bungee jumping, biking and…thinking. I think the wife and kids like it.

Check out Chelsea’s ( and Emily’s ( interpretations of the same “story”.

What I like about stories told through image is that in a sense, they are all true.  Given a basic context, or problem, like we were, the “same” story can be told in different ways. Because it is true from even just one perspective, it is validated- even if it is subjective or twisted or altered from an “original” event. I liked Lee Walton’s Facebook performances- he made his own (quite literal) versions of his friends statuses and they are just as real as the actual circumstances, even if different from what his friends experienced. Likewise with the picture of Peter Board journaling in the mouth of a crocodile; until you know the crocodile is dead, it’s alive, and him being eaten is just as true as him propping himself there. Art can be original or interpretative- or both. Either way, multiple truths can exist depending on the knowledge given and received about the media.

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