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March 22, 2010

Go to my other blog where the Holonistic Synther Party is happening. There, I have presented a collection of Photosynths and 2-D images (from my own photography) that relate to a new development in theoretical physics from scientist Nassim Haramein. The implications of his work include principles of interconnectivity, a fundamental geometry of the space-time fabric, and lots of beautiful aesthetics dealing with spinning spirals, the micro-macro dialect and fractals. I hope my images reflect some of these concepts and the ideas that are inspired with them, and that they inspire viewers to re-visit their perceptions of every day reality and the way they seem and think about, their physical environment and their central place within it.

Here is a link to view a Jing video exploring one of my many attempts at a successful Photosynth (a web-based software that you can learn more about at the blog above): Photosynth Attempt “The Quad”

Below is one of my 2-D images.

Orange Guts

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